Top Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

In a world where there is a constant flow of new technologies and innovation, it’s important to keep up with digital marketing trends. Yes – the principles of good marketing still hold true, but the digital delivery mechanism has changed the way we play the game. At Mingl Marketing, we like to constantly learn and […]

Know Where Your Marketing Succeeds and Where It Doesn’t

At Mingl Marketing, we’re firm believers in getting value for your marketing dollars. Maybe it’s because we’re located in Philly, but the famous John Wanamaker quote “I know I’m wasting half of my marketing budget- I just don’t know which half!” is something we want to avoid. We want you to know where your marketing […]

Right Things Right

One of my favorite sayings is “There is a right way and a wrong way to do business”. It’s a personal motto, always reminding me to conduct myself in a professional manner that will reflect positively on me and my business. I usually whip this one out immediately after I see an example of the […]