Email Is Nothing New

Email marketing is versatile, easy to use and provides some of the best ROI. You can use it as part of your digital marketing strategy to:

  • Generate New Leads
  • Send Automate Responses
  • Nurture Leads
  • Educate Your Contact Base
  • Identify Higher Qualified Leads
  • Stay in Contact With Customers

If you’re already collecting email addresses for customers and leads, you can turn those lists into sales from new customers and existing contacts.

Whether you want to start emailing yourself, or you want a hand getting your email strategy down, we can help!


Informative, educational emails keep your audience engaged. They make and more likely to open your emails. People like learning much more than they like feeling as if they’re being “sold to” all the time.

With so many companies sending out emails every day, creating educational emails that get right to the point will make your messages stand out.


Email automation keeps you in contact with leads, nurtures them, and eventually turns the best ones into customers. And, it all happens automatically.

Cut down your work time exponentially by creating all the emails you need. Then, a contact’s behavior triggers the right ones to get sent to them. Your leads always get the answers and offers they need, when they need them.


Email campaigns can all look different, contain different emails, and run along different timelines. What they all have in common is that they drive leads in the right direction.

You may have a lead that you want to close quickly, or a person from long ago that you want to stay in touch with. Tailoring different email campaigns drives these leads and helps meet your goals.

Emailing With Mingl

Mingl Marketing Group creates email marketing campaigns that help your company achieve its digital marketing goals. From automation to email blasts, we implement strategies and practices proven to create successful email campaigns.

Whether you are just getting started with email, or you’ve been using it for some time, we can assess and develop ways to make your emails best in class!

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