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Drive the right website traffic, establish your authority, attract higher quality leads, and generate more revenue: Blog articles do it all. Producing regular, high-quality content is the cornerstone of SEO and digital marketing. When done strategically, blogging vaults your website to the top of Google searches and educates the right people on what you offer and why you’re the best. More website visitors become customers.

Generate Leads With Blogging and Content Creation​

Blogs have come a long way from personal online journals. Today, just about every brand, from mom-and-pops to Fortune 500 companies, publish blogs and similar content regularly.

And, if you’ve ever searched a question on the internet, odds are you found your answer on one of those blogs.

Whether you want to start blogging yourself, or you want a hand writing or planning them, we can help!

Whether you want to start blogging yourself, or you want a hand getting your blogging strategy down, we can help!


First, create a publishing strategy. Start by listing the topics you want to write about. Then, create a schedule of when you need to write, edit, and post each entry.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by writing out the questions you hear the most. Then, answer each one in a different blog post.

You greatly increase your chances of getting found online when you’re answering the questions people need answers to and are searching for online.


Now that you’ve got your strategy, it’s time to start writing! Laying out everything in a clear, concise way that keeps people reading is a craft all its own.

You can do it yourself if you have a way with words, delegate it to someone else in your company, or hire a professional.

Start off by knowing what keywords to use. Make sure you’re helping people solve a problem with each entry.

Make sure to use (royalty-free) images and graphics to make each piece of content engaging, informative, and effective.


After all that time you’ve spent on your blog, the last step is making sure people read it! If you’ve formatted everything right, the post will gain organic traffic: People searching for the topic will find it on their own.

But, don’t stop there! To get the most ROI for each piece of content, share it on social media, link to it in emails, and send it to other publications to gain more views.

Blogging With Mingl

Mingle Marketing Group has used blogs as part of its successful digital marketing strategy for years. One of the biggest problems people encounter is finding the time and doing it consistently. We can help!

Our team of dedicated writers work with you to find the best blogging opportunities for your business. Then, we create a schedule and strategy that reflects your needs, values, and your business. From there, you’ll see regular content published on your site every week.

Handing off all those extra steps means you can focus on growing your business while we make sure people find you online and remember you as the authority in your industry.

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Answer The Questions Your Visitors Are Looking For

Use your blog to answer the questions your audience is searching for….