Marketing Automation

Reduce your workload and increase your revenue with marketing automation. Make your website work for you – not the other way around.

Marketing Automation makes your job easier...

Marketing automation uses software that reacts on its own to different actions a website visitor makes. This frees you up to concentrate on growing your business while new leads and revenue comes in, seemingly on its own. 

Your automation can:

  • Recognize when a user returns to your site
  • Send regular follow-up emails
  • Send offers and information based on their behavior on the site. 

These are simple, repeatable marketing processes. But they would take up a huge amount of your time if you had to do them by hand, every time. 

Instead, marketing automation uses data and analytics to perform the optimal actions that will drive a lead into becoming a customer.

You cut out the repetitive tasks while personalizing the user experience. 

Whether you want to implement automation yourself, or you want a hand setting it up, we can help!


Start by creating personas based on your customers. As you gather data and customers identify themselves, you’ll learn what messaging you should have for them in your marketing. 

After you know what each different persona wants and responds best to, put together the right content for your marketing automation.


Now it’s time to put the marketing content together.

You can use emails, videos, landing pages and more. It all depends on what you know will resonate with your buyer personas. 

Then, create the content that matches what your users are looking for, and where they are in their buyer’s journey. 


Through a marketing platform, you’ll set up the triggers that begin the automation. The, create the process behind it. 

This can be as simple as automatically sending an email to someone who fills out a form on the site.

Or, make them more in-depth more personalized. Use various actions, including a user returning to the site, to trigger different processes.  

Marketing Automation From Mingl

If you aren’t so familiar with marketing automation, we can help! Mingl Marketing Group has produced and executed marketing automation through every step of the process. 

From developing personas and strategies, to creating the content and implementing the automation, we can help with every step of the process. 

Marketing automation is one of the best and most effective method of reducing work hours, growing your business, and helping personalize your visitor’s experience. 

Most importantly, we also can help you set up metrics to track your results, so you know what’s working and what’s not. That helps you continually refine and improve your marketing, so you can get the right messages to the right people at the right time, increasing your leads and sales.


Personalize your website to give everyone what they want, as soon as they want it.