Top Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2024In a world where there is a constant flow of new technologies and innovation, it’s important to keep up with digital marketing trends. Yes – the principles of good marketing still hold true, but the digital delivery mechanism has changed the way we play the game.

At Mingl Marketing, we like to constantly learn and adapt. We have watched the trends and migrations for the past 10 years. From marketing automation and AI (artificial intelligence), there are always new ways to improve existing practices, using this new technology.

The Five Trends That Every Marketer Should Embrace

The three most important trends that every good marketer should embrace don’t necessarily rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  • Content Creation – AI coupled with Human
  • Interactive/Immersive Marketing
  • SMS or Text Marketing
  • Enhanced Data Collection
  • Digital Advertising Trends

Content Creation – a Hybrid

Email Campaign ChecklistIn 2023 the marketing world was introduced to the opportunities of ChatGPT and other AI content writing tools.

When they were first introduced to the marketplace, content creators feared for their jobs. After all, AI was able to produce any amount of content, identify keywords for SEO purposes, and seemingly spit good content. However, we found that AI writing tools fell a little short in a few ways that required the help and intervention of humans.

In 2023, marketers found that AI tools such as ChatGPT were best utilized as a tool to help content creators work more efficiently. Rather than depending on AI tools to create content out of whole cloth, it was found that integrating the “human element” made the content more readable and relatable.

AI writes content based on algorithms and patterns. It has an inherent inability to provide relatable human stories based on personal experiences. The combination of AI with the human editor allows content to retain the authentic human element while shortening production time.

This practice of hybrid content creation can streamline marketing efforts, without sacrificing a personal touch.

Interactive/Immersive Marketing

2023 saw an uptick in interactive marketing. Is there any wonder why?

As each generation of content users gets more comfortable with utilizing online tools such as calculators, interactive videos, quizzes, and surveys, incorporating interactive experiences into your digital marketing toolbox increases consumer engagement time and – if done properly – provides additional avenues for collecting user data.


Tools that provide actual or perceived value to your site visitor are the perfect interactive tool.

A calculator serves multiple purposes. Its primary purpose is to help the site visitor perform difficult or complicated calculations – such as calculating “affordability” to enter a program or financial situation.

A calculator can also provide a certain amount of “data collection” and capture. Plus, when the visitor is utilizing the calculator, they are spending extended periods of time on the site and are likely to return to the site multiple times and refer friends to the tool.

Interactive Videos

Multiple generations of internet users have become true aficionados of internet games and programs. It only makes sense that the love of control over alternative worlds would translate to internet marketing.

Utilizing an interactive video as a marketing tool can be not only instructive but can offer a “vision” of the end product installed in the user’s home or experience memory bank.

Interactive videos are most commonly seen in the real estate industry or any industry that would benefit from an in-person tour. Vacation destinations, continuing care retirement communities, or school campuses all look brighter and friendlier in a well-constructed video tour.

Instructive videos or “how to” videos can not only provide the watcher with additive information on a particular topic but also demonstrate the expertise of the company providing the video. This is a win-win for both parties.

Video is one of the most important and growing forms of digital marketing your company should be using. According to Wyzowl, in 2023, 91% of companies used video as a part of their marketing strategy. This is the highest number they have seen since recording the data in 2016. If you are not creating videos for your company, you are falling behind almost all of your competition.

Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes

Surveys And Polls Are Great For EngagementSurveys, polls, and quizzes are yet another way to engage, inform, and collect user data.

I am sure that you have seen the countless quizzes asking to solve some kind of riddle. Or perhaps you have seen your share of opinion surveys followed by some kind of call to action.

These polls, surveys, and quizzes are designed to engage and connect with the audience on a deeper level, while subtly building brand loyalty. Quizzes are a good way to learn about consumer preferences and interests.

If you have 3 products, and multiple surveys reveal that one is far more popular than the other 2, it can change the direction of your marketing, and maybe help you reevaluate the products. This type of interaction is great for consumer engagement, as well as helping you adjust and evaluate yourself.

SMS or Text Marketing

Texting Is One Of The Best Ways To Communicate With Your CustomersSMS or Text marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. Texting has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, ways for people to communicate. It would make sense that people would prefer to receive a text message as opposed to a phone call from a business. In 2023, Simple Text reported that 86% of businesses had reported texting their customers. 90.09% report that their text marketing is successful.

Text notifications are useful for updating delivery information, and notify existing customers about sales or special promotions.

SMS Permissions

Before you decide to purchase a list of telephone numbers and begin to implement your text marketing strategy, it is important to bring yourself up to speed on applicable laws surrounding SMS solicitations.

In the US, text messaging is regulated under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 – also known as the TCPA. The TCPS was created to protect consumer privacy and limit the amount of unwanted text solicitations or robo calls.

A successful SMS campaign will need to factor in consumer permissions to receive SMS notifications either as an opt-in or an opt-out.

Enhanced Data Collection

2024 is expected to see marketers utilize enhanced data collection techniques through a variety of different tools.

Forms always have and always will be an important part of the data collection process. They are the perfect way to tailor information collection to align with your business. Forms can also serve to help qualify your leads to support your sales funnel and get a measure of customer interests.

CRM tools give you a repository for your data and allow your sales team to monitor customer or prospect interests and time on your website. The more data you gather, the better you will be able to point your marketing efforts, and business strategies.

You may have a year of growth, but if you aren’t sure what led to it, it can be tough to continue and repeat. For your 2024 marketing strategy, make sure you are collecting as much data as possible. Then analyze that data and use it to improve your marketing efforts, advertising dollars, and business strategies.

Digital Advertising Trends

Google offers a number of automated programs to help businesses and marketers evaluate advertising trends and SEO changes.

Automated bidding strategies allow Google to analyze the amount of data it has on its users and adjust its bids in real-time. Automated bidding doesn’t replace a company’s Ads Specialist but is an enhanced tool available to help break through the volumes of data and competition.

Google-verified listings provide local businesses with valuable information and help to establish your business’s geographical location.

As more and more consumers are utilizing voice or text “near me” searches, a Google My Business listing helps establish your geographical location as well as allow your potential new customers to learn more about your business. You want to rank on the map pack, so consumers in your area can find you more easily.

2024 – AI, Personalization, and Targeting

As much as digital marketing has become a consistent part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s one that can change quickly. Here at Mingle Marketing, we predict some additional fine-tuning of AI, and more and more efficient ways of personalizing user experiences.

Another growing trend is the popularity of voice search. Let’s face it – Siri and Alexa are practically family members and will continue to expand their presence in our lives. It is up to digital marketers to decide the role that these modalities will play. You can either ignore it, or embrace it.

Which brings me to my final point. The success of any or all marketing strategies depends on marketers’ ability to not only recognize promising trends, but also to stay true to the idea that the job is really to provide high-quality, individualized user experiences.

The company that can stay abreast of the latest trends in this fast-paced world and stay true to providing a high-quality customer experience will be able to harness all of the latest tools to the best advantage.

Even if the ways you deliver your message change, that shouldn’t change the spirit of your business, or the message that lies within your marketing. If you want to strategize for 2024, give us a call or contact us online to get your digital marketing efforts ready for the new year!