Why You Should Create Content For Your Digital Marketing

In 2020 content is everywhere. Videos, pictures, articles, music. It’s all content, and it’s all designed to catch your attention. You may not have even realized how much content you take in every day, but once you sit down and think about it, you probably realize it’s more than you can imagine.

Every company is creating content tailored to their customers to attract them, and the ones who aren’t are being forgotten about. There are very few businesses and industries that require you to create no content at all.

Being Found Online

One of the things we hear the most often is “How do we get found on search engines?” This means Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Etc. These sites value great content! Google will even pull snippets from blogs and videos that will answer the query of the searcher.

When you create content that features solutions to problems, and clearly lays out the content, it increases the authority and searchability of that content. There is certainly more that goes into rising up the rankings in a search engine, but if you have no content to be searched, you are already putting yourself in a lesser position to succeed.

Creating blog articles, videos, and case studies will all help to increase your likelihood of being found when someone is searching online. All of these things should contain keywords and answers to whatever questions are being asked online. The more you create, the better the chances are of creating a high ranking piece of content that helps attract visitors.

Educating Potential Customers

When you continue to create great content, you will become a trusted source of information and a place where people will come to learn more about the products and services in your industry. Too many people are concerned about being “sold to”. If you are creating content that teaches and educates, people will be more receptive and are more likely to visit your website again. Then when the time comes that they do need to purchase, who do you think they will call?

This is especially helpful when it comes to email. If someone is CONSTANTLY receiving an email that is just a sales pitch, they won’t open it anymore, or may even unsubscribe. If the emails you send have great information that entertains or educates the recipient, your email open rates will rise and you will become someone they look forward to seeing in their inbox!

Reusable and Repurposable

Creating content can go a long way for a long time. You don’t just use it one time in one place, and then POOF, it’s gone forever.

A great blog article can rank highly for YEARS. An infographic can be used in emails, downloads, social media, and even more. If you have a seasonal email you send to customers every holiday season, you can copy it, make proper adjustments, and use it again.

These are just a few examples of how you can reuse and repurpose your content, but the list goes on and on. One of the most popular articles on ESPN every year is Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate for fantasy football. In 2019, he decided he wasn’t going to write the article he’d written for years. THE PEOPLE WOULD NOT ALLOW IT. ESPN was flooded with people who wanted this article. It was one they had looked forward to all year. And they got their article! Matthew Berry decided the show must go on, and he Love/Hate lived on.

This is just one example of how an educational piece of content, though different every year, was still the same concept, and became something people looked forward to!

Not every idea of yours will be a hit, but the more content you create, the more you will find out what is working for you. Then you can reuse, repurpose, and repeat that same kind of content going forward, maximizing your marketing dollars.