Holiday Marketing: Know Your Customer And Have Fun

The holidays are here, and for a lot of companies, the next 6 weeks go by in a blur. The time from Thanksgiving until the end of the year is usually a sprint to the finish. People want to make sure they have time off, and usually have to wrap some things up, while setting themselves up for success in the New Year.

Depending on what industry you are in, the holiday season can be a KEY time to execute some marketing campaigns and strategies for your own company that help you to a strong close this year!

Can your product be given as a gift?

Holiday Marketing: Know Your Customer And Have FunThis is usually a pretty easy question to answer, and has some big implications when it comes to your marketing plans. In lots of cases, most products and services can be given as gifts. Subscriptions to streaming services, clothes, makeup, gift cards… the list can go on forever. But, if you know that your product can be given as a gift, it plays a role in your holiday marketing efforts.

Who is buying your product?

This is a question all the time, not just for holidays. BUT, the holidays can change your target demographic a little bit.

For example, if you sell fishing equipment, you may not target younger females. Of course there are younger females who fish, but it’s not the typical audience. This time of year, you may actually want to target them with marketing and advertising about purchasing gifts for their fathers who do fish. This can be done with ads on Instagram or Facebook, with a little bit of a different message. Typically, we are trying to communicate with people who are buying our products for themselves, but this time of year you may want to talk to people who are buying for others!

Obviously, you don’t want to completely change all of your marketing, because people will still be using your products for themselves. If you sell something like soap, it can be purchased by the user, as well as given as a gift. The key is getting the right balance and message for your target audiences this time of year.

Take advantage of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday

Online shopping will be at an all time high this seasonWhether your product will be given as a gift or not, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE DAYS. From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, BILLIONS of dollars will be spent online shopping. Every year the numbers have risen, and now with the amount of closed brick-and-mortar stores this Thanksgiving, plus the rise of Covid keeping people at home, we are due for an even bigger online spending number this year. So what should you do? 

  • Promote the products you want to sell. Whether you have some sort of promotion running or you don’t, you should STILL be promoting the products you want to sell. People are looking to spend money online, and if you aren’t showcasing yourself, someone else will take that spot! Post updates and run ads on Google and social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    If you are offering some sort of discount or special, this should be CLEAR and featured. Free shipping, 20% off certain products, buy one get one free, etc.

    Even if you don’t have a discount, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let people know that you have products they may want and enjoy! Put your best stuff front and center and make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

  • Email your existing customers. Let them know you are around and have things they may want this holiday season. If you have some sort of discount for the holiday on a product or service, let them know!  If they were happy with your company in the past, they may just need a little reminder you are there.

    The closer it gets to the end of the year, the more likely it is that people have already purchased gifts, and they may not be spending anymore until the new year. If your company isn’t showing them the awesome stuff you have to offer, this could be an opportunity lost for you!

  • Use Pay Per Click Marketing & Remarketing. This time of year there is a lot of competition, and running targeted ads is a great way to generate revenue. Hopefully, you have a solid organic reach when it comes to your website content, but even if you do, a little paid advertising can go a long way. If you have the right ads running, you can reach more people that have an interest in the exact things you offer.

    Remarketing is another key to this equation. This is when you go onto someone’s sight and look at a particular product, then that product is shown to you as you continue to search the internet. Lots of people may get to your site and decide it’s not the time to buy, but if you are showing these people ads over the next month of the things they were just thinking about buying, it could lead to less lost opportunities. 

Make it easy for people to purchase and acquire your product

This year, the pandemic has made businesses operate differently all over the world. Making it easy for people to make educated decisions online, and then easily acquiring your product or service, will go a long way to making your customers happy while increasing your business.

For education, this could mean:

  • Offering product guides
  • Offering virtual consultations/demonstrations
  • Recording videos showcasing your product or service
  • Writing blogs about your product or service
  • Installing a chat feature on your website to speak to customers directly

For acquiring your product, this could mean:

  • Offering easy shipping
  • Offering curbside pickup
  • Offering times/dates that your service can be used

This year may be a little different, and making your products and services as easy to understand and accessible as possible will be a huge benefit to you and your customers.

Being Fun and Creative

Give your ads a creative holiday spin!

This is a fun time of year, and your marketing team should have fun with it! Creating graphics and designs that reflect the fun winter, holiday season catches eyes. If you are creating ads for search and social media, be creative and give them a wintery/holiday theme. Almost every major brand does this, and it’s for a reason!

Obviously, you don’t want to be completely off-brand, but giving your logo, emails, ads, etc. a little holiday spin is a good way to grab the attention of potential consumers, while also keeping your brand fun and fresh.

There are a lot of different opportunities when it comes to marketing in the holiday season, and if your business can take advantage of that, we hope these tips and pointers help you make the most of the season!