Know Where Your Marketing Succeeds and Where It Doesn’t

At Mingl Marketing, we’re firm believers in getting value for your marketing dollars. Maybe it’s because we’re located in Philly, but the famous John Wanamaker quote “I know I’m wasting half of my marketing budget- I just don’t know which half!” is something we want to avoid. We want you to know where your marketing […]

Black Friggin’ Friday

Our clients are keenly aware that success at this time of year is essential to them making their numbers, so while I look at Black Friday as an opportunity to help them, I do it by helping shoppers like me — anti-shoppers.

HubSpot Announces the Launch of Sidekick CRM

I hate sales call reports. I hate monthly activity reports. I hate managing sales funnel spreadsheets. But I love to sell. I am passionate about the company I work for and the products and services we offer. I know I bring value to my customers, and I’m ready and able to solve their problems. That’s […]