The Power of Facebook AdvertisingFacebook has over 1 billion active users who spend an average of 15 minutes engaging with Facebook content every day. If you’re in the United States, this means that 75% your potential customers are on there — telling people what they like, what they don’t like, where they eat and shop, what movies, TV shows and books they enjoy and much more.

Having an appropriate Facebook page on which you actively engage with a community of followers is the basis of any successful Facebook campaign.

But sometimes, simply “being” on Facebook isn’t enough. You’ll need to promote your business on Facebook in addition to engaging with the community. This is where Facebook advertising comes into play.

Once you have an appropriately branded Facebook page for your business, Facebook ads can be used to build a community around your page by targeting the specific demographics you’re trying to reach.

Targeting specific demographics will, in turn, drive traffic to your website with just one click on the ad. You can even track how each ad is performing using Facebook’s analytical tools and then further optimize your advertising based on the results.

With Facebook’s 94% targeting accuracy, you’re guaranteed to reach the right people. Facebook ads can target specific conversions such as page views, sign-ups and page likes. By getting more page likes, traffic to your page increases, increasing leads. Businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans had 22 times more traffic compared to those with less fans.

Businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans had 22 times more traffic compared to those with less fans.

It’s beneficial to use Facebook and their available advertising tools to reach people in your local area and convert them into customers of your business.

The effectiveness of traditional advertising for small business owners has certainly declined, so a shift in marketing budget is in order. Fortunately, with Facebook ads you’ll pay a fraction of the cost and know for sure that you’re reaching your target demographics. In fact, Facebook ads can save you as much as 71% over traditional advertising methods and can produce a 3 times or greater return on your ad spending.

Once you’ve taken some time to identify your buyer personas and to practice navigating around Facebook’s Ad’s Manager page, you will be able to create successful ads for your business in a matter of minutes. Capitalize on Facebook’s hyper-local advertising capabilities and start growing your business’s customer base today!

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