You may have seen the article on Mashable yesterday, Is the Facebook Like Dead for Marketers?, where they featured a video released by the awesome folks at Veritasium in which they demonstrate how Facebook business pages are being overrun by fake likes from link farms in India, the Philippines, Pakistan, and other countries.

And while this is a genuine concern for brands running national and international Facebook ad campaigns, a well-designed local Facebook ad campaign will ensure the integrity of your Facebook community, and it’s easy for you to check it out for yourself. I’ll show you how in this two minute video.

Turn up your volume and view full screen for best quality.

Sign into Facebook and go to your business page.

Click on the, “See Insights” button at the top of the page, then click on “People” where you’ll see a demographic breakdown of your Facebook community.

Right off the bat you can see which countries and cities your likes are coming from. Then you can click the “People Reached” tab to ensure the reach of your posts is healthy, and finally, click the “People Engaged” tab for a measurement of the quality of your Facebook community.

In this case, the page has 3060 connections in their target geography and 793 of them are engaged, which translates to 26% average, day-to-day engagement.

So as long as you’re geographically targeting your Facebook ads and boosted posts, you won’t have to worry that the marketing messages and high quality content you’re sharing on your page are falling on deaf ears.

If you want to learn how to run your own targeted Facebook ad campaigns, click the link in the description below, Don Lafferty’s Top Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Ads.

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Here’s the video from the folks at Veritasium.


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