Case Studies Make Great Content

Case Studies are one of the best pieces of digital content you can produce for your marketing. A case study showcases your best work, while highlighting problems, solutions, and happy customers!

Case Studies are great content for a few reasons:

  • They highlight the problems people are searching
  • They showcase the solution your company provided
  • They use keywords, phrases, and terms you want to be found for
  • They help you build your organic search results (Improve SEO)
  • They help you get more similar work that you like
Case studies are keyword rich, relevant, and content that isn’t too hard to come up with. This is speaking about the problems and solutions your industry faces, and highlights how your company makes it happen for your clients!

Whether you want to start creating case studies yourself, or you want a hand getting your email strategy down, we can help!


The first thing you will want to do is pick and choose the right case studies you want to feature. This is usually an example of a client where the solution you provided works very well, and is also an example of more work you’d like to do in the future!

Don’t feature products and services that you don’t want to be found for, make you the least money, or are more difficult to handle!


Once you have your case study picked out, it’s time to get the details down! Pictures of the products, services, town, etc. are important based on what you are featuring.

You want to feature the problem you were contacted about, and the solution you provided. Tell a story about how the customer pain was solved by your company!


Once you have your case study created, you are ready to get it out to the world. It will live on your website, but should also be shared on social media, local directories, and in your email.

The goal is for your case studies to be found throughout the internet to drive leads, but they can also be used in lead nurturing! Show a lead how you’ve helped others in the past, and this could be the final step in closing a sale!

Case Studies With Mingl

Mingl Marketing Group can create case studies, and get those case studies in front of the right eyes. We can help your company develop a strategy, and see that it is executed from start to finish.

Building a library of case studies and producing them consistently can be challenging, especially if you are just getting started. We can help you get the ball rolling, or expand your case study library you already have started!