Building Organic Traffic Takes More Time, But Is Worth The Investment

Building Organic Traffic Takes More Time, But Is Worth The Investment

Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars, even millions in some cases, trying to get more visitors to their website. It’s a simple concept in theory: the more people who come to your site, the more leads a company will receive, and therefore create more business. But the kind of traffic a website generates matters. We want to tell you the benefits increasing your organic traffic will have on your business.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is when a visitor comes to your site through an unpaid search result. This happens most commonly when someone is searching for something on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, and they click on your website as one of the results to their query.

The other main types of traffic are, direct traffic, referral traffic, social, and paid traffic. These are all fine ways of getting visitors to your site, but there are a few problems with each of them that make organic traffic more valuable, even if it takes longer to build.

How Can I Improve My SEO?

Why does it take longer?

As we mentioned above, organic traffic is the result of someone coming to your site through an unpaid search result. This means that search engines like Google have to crawl your content and rank it. This does not happen the exact moment that you press publish on a blog article.

The combination of proper keywords, and content that answers questions clearly will help you rank higher on search engines, but it doesn’t happen right away. It can take weeks to months for search engines to recognize your content, and then even longer for that content to gain traction. It’s not something that happens overnight.

If your content is good enough, other people will share it, and backlink to it, which builds authority, and ultimately raises the SEO value of your content as well.

The key is to provide quality content on a consistent basis, that your audience enjoys. This is true for the biggest companies, all the way down to the smallest. Especially for smaller businesses that want to compete in the digital marketing arena with companies that have tons of money to spend.

What kind of content increases organic traffic?

Blogs, videos, and case studies are the best kinds of content that will help increase your organic website traffic. The reason is that these are pieces of content that provide information that most likely answers a particular question asked on the search query.

When your potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems online, they will likely type the question right into the search box. Then they will be shown a group of search results that aim to answer their question. If you are creating content that answers these questions, it will hopefully rank over time, and become the landing place for anyone who asks that particular question.

It’s best to create all 3 of these kinds of content, but the most important thing is to provide valuable, useful information to your visitors. This is how you rank higher, convert more leads, and become a higher ranking authority in your field of expertise.

Why is organic traffic valuable?

Every kind of traffic you generate to your website is almost always good, but organic traffic has a few benefits that other kinds don’t.

Organic traffic is generated because you are giving some of the best answers available to the questions your visitors are asking. And you aren’t paying for this traffic! Obviously, you are paying someone to create this content, and therefore paying for the organic traffic, but the value compared to Pay Per Click advertising is notable.

With PPC advertising, once you stop paying for clicks, you are done getting traffic from that source. PPC is a great way to generate traffic and build business, but it doesn’t have the sustainability if you decrease your PPC spending.

Organic traffic may take a while to build, but once the engine is running, you will be able to benefit from it for years to come. You are building real SEO that with the correct upkeep, you can generate traffic and business from. As long as the information doesn’t become outdated, there are certain pieces of content that can rank highly for 10+ years if it’s done right.

How can you start building organic traffic?

The best way to start building organic traffic is to create content for the things you want to be found for. The more content that you have out there, the more chances you have to be found and are going to address something that a potential customer may be looking for. You will want to focus on being clear about the solutions you are offering, and how they fix the problems your visitors are searching for.

You can start creating content yourself, writing blogs, or creating videos and case studies. This can become time-consuming if you aren’t used to creating this kind of content. One of the problems business owners face is stretching themselves too thin when they try to add content creation to their marketing plans. Often hiring a content creator or an agency to coordinate these new marketing efforts and make sure that you have a consistent content strategy will begin to build organic SEO.

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How can we help?

Mingl Marketing Group will assess your goals and current assets, and then develop a long term strategy that will increase your website traffic. We develop strategies that aren’t “quick fix” band-aids that eventually break. We want to help you become the trusted source of information in your market, and build your website traffic through high-quality content.